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The Tiki Truck Webcams!

The pictures refresh every 30 seconds.

3/10/2014 - I'm now living in Naples, Florida :)

2/14/2014 - In Cocoa Beach, Florida.

3/17/2013 - In Tampa, Florida.

3/1/2013 - in Bradenton, Florida.

2/18/2013 - in Venice, Florida

2/12/2013 - on Islamorada, Florida.

11/17/2012 - In Cocoa Beach, Florida.

11/11/2012 - On the way to Florida.

11/8/2012 - At a Veterans Administration Hospital in Minnesota!

7/8/2012 - On the road again!

7/4/2012 - Abducted by aliens (having a nice time, though).

6/26/2012 - 10 p.m. Evacuating (manditory)

6/26/2012 - About 3 miles from the forest fire.

5/16/2012 - Somewhere in Utah.

4/2/2011 - Somewhere on the mainland.

12/3/2010 - The webcams are running from Colorado Springs, CO.

4/4/2010 - The webcams are being run from Minneapolis, MN.

3/8/2010 - The webcams are being run from Tacoma, WA.

3/2/2010 - The Tiki Truck in on its way back to the mainland. I dropped it off at the port in Hilo today.

1/26/2010 - I'm back in Hilo.

1/10/2010 - I've got my webcams running from a yurt I'm renting in Ocean View, Hawaii.
The Tiki Truck Web Cams
     at a Yurd in Ocean View, Hawaii

10/19/2009 - The Tiki Truck is here in Hilo. The view from the room is more interesting than the view from the truck right now.

10/17/2009 - The Tiki Truck arrived in Honolulu on 10/11/2009. I should be able to pick it up here in Hilo on Monday, 10/19/2009. For now, the webcams are running from my room here at Reed's Bay in Hilo.

10/3/2009 - The Tiki Truck is on it's way to Hilo. I was going to put the webcams in a rental car, but I ran into some problems with that.

I'm using open source, booruWebCam software. You can download it at , or directly from the author, Jim Wilenius:

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